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Public Affiliate status is given to non-WSU paid personnel working in WSU Extension county offices, with a 50% or more appointment, so a “WSU affiliated” employee can have access to budgets, handle money, appear in the campus directory, have a wsu.edu email address, and obtain a WSU Network ID. Hourly employees paid by WSU already have access to WSU systems and should not also hold an affiliate appointment. Public Affiliate appointments are 3-year, renewable appointments.

Instructions for obtaining affiliate status:

  1. Complete a Public Affiliate Form for each person
  2. Obtain necessary signature
  3. Scan/email completed to cahnrs.opsadmin@wsu.edu
  4. Notify cahnrs.opsadmin@wsu.edu when affiliates leave so we update our records
  5. Contact cahnrs.opsadmin@wsu.edu with questions


Affiliate appointments can take a few weeks to completely process. After processing, the newly appointed public affiliate will receive email confirmation of their appointment which will include Network ID creation instructions.



University Cannons of Practice


CAHNRS, WSU and volunteers benefit from volunteer participation in official University activities. In 2014, CAHNRS logged 60,338 volunteer hours. In order to assure that volunteers are covered for liability and workers’ compensation, departments must:

  • Understand the definition of Volunteer to ensure applicable requirements are met
  • Understand Volunteers are subject to WSU employee policies and safety procedures
  • Designate Volunteers BEFORE duties are performed
  • Register and maintain complete records for each Volunteer
  • Submit timely Volunteer information and logs to the CAHNRS Office of Human Engagement via the Volunteer Database
  • Contact the CAHNRS Office of Human Engagement with questions about Volunteer injury reporting, worker’s compensation claims, accidents, occupational illnesses and workplace incidents

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