Business Services

Conducting Business in CAHNRS

CAHNRS’ general business, finance and travel processing is accomplished by using a shared responsibility business model. There are two business centers on the Pullman campus and various support staff throughout the state to meet most business processing needs for travel, purchasing, grants, personnel, payroll, etc.  For information on how to submit a business request, refer to your business center’s or extension/county website.

Department/Program Administrative Managers

Your Department/Program Administrative Managers provide your administrative advisement, coordination and initial support.  They work directly with the Department Chair or Director, faculty and staff, and provide “closest to customer” support for your business needs.  This group gathers information to “initiate” many business processes and actions.

In general, they will be your go-to for:

  • Annual Reviews, Course scheduling and/or rotation, Teaching assignments, Tenure and promotion, Teaching contracts
  • Fiscal accrual returns, Identifying allowable costs, Cash and checks, Donations and gifts, Endowments, Journal Vouchers in the BPS system, Forecasting state accounts and commitments
  • Initiating personnel appointments or reappointments, Producing the cost to hire spreadsheet, Using OPDRS, Initiating, coordinating and submitting documents to support a hire – i.e. CV/Resume, Letters of Reference, Offer Letter
  • Creating initial leave and time reports, Onboarding and exiting employees, Documenting volunteer participation, Space management and assignment, Updating departmental checklists and directories
  • General advisement and liaison with CAHNRS Business Units on complex situations
  • Your communication and information source for most things business related

Find YOUR Business Support

CAHNRS Business Center serves:

Academic Programs
Agricultural Research Center
Alumni & Friends
Animal Sciences
Apparel, Merch, Design & Textiles
Bio Systems Engineering
CAHNRS Business Units
Computing & Web Resources
Crop & Soil Sciences
Economic Sciences
Food Science
Graduate Academic Progs
Human Development
International Research & Ag Dev
Marketing, News & Ed Com
Plant Growth Facilities
Plant Pathology

WSU Extension and County Support

Agricultural & Natural Res.
Community & Economic Dev.
Youth & Families

Business Center/Extension Support

Business Center/Extension Support areas handle much of your day-to-day processing and can answer your routine processing and questions for fiscal, travel, personnel, and grants/contracts. This group works directly with department/program administrative managers and individual employees to support business activities. After employees or department/program admins initiate a business process, the business center or extension support team then reviews and processes the request with the various offices that need to be involved.

Specifically, your Business Center/Extension Support areas can help you with:


  • Budget statement distribution, budget reconciliation, cash deposits, Central Stores accounts, expense transfers (corrections), gas/ComData cards, invoice payments
  • Purchasing cards/receipts/reports, purchasing requests, reimbursements, service center billings


  • Travel Approval processing, travel reimbursement processing, and assist with vehicle reservations


  • International Visa processing (J-1/H1B), Payroll processing/questions, Personnel appointments and Temporary employment processing


  • Contracts, effort certifications, MOUs, subcontracts
  • Grant account review, grant account spending plans, grant proposals

Your CAHNRS Support Units




Your business units serve as the final reviewers and approvers in cooperation with the Dean’s Office as well as providing resolution of complex and unique business situations. These units also serve as your liaison with WSU central offices.