Michael has assisted me with IT issues more than once, but this time around I needed him to work with a family who checked out one of our laptops. This family needs the laptop to enable their child to continue participating in 4-H during the COVID crisis, which makes troubleshooting very challenging as the laptop is not in my possession. Mike hopped on to fix the challenges and worked directly with the 8-year-old youth to get everything set up. That’s a big deal, as it would have been just as easy for Mike to ask for a parent/guardian. But instead, the youth had the chance to describe the problems he was having, work with a professional to solve them and see it all happen in real-time. Mike gave this youth the opportunity to take control and be his own advocate, and that is an awesome and memorable expereince. In 4-H, we depend on the adult mentors in our program to guide youth as they navigate the challenges of life, and while Mike’s interaction was short-lived, it was very likely the first time this 8-year-old had a chance to work with a professional to solve his own tech problem. So thanks Mike, for being open to giving a 4-H youth that experience. It means a lot, and I think he will remember it.