Faculty and Staff February 2018

February 2018 Kudos

Michael Bush

, February 12 | Submitted by Gina Ord

Mike co-led a diversity training with me for the Master Gardeners that had rave reviews. Here is what Deb Mathieu, wrote in their weekly newsletter: “This was a breath of fresh air and a very welcome healthy time for us as Master Gardeners. . . I am sure, you, like me, have made assumptions (realized or not) about a person based on a multitude of possibilities: age, ethnicity, appearance, job, culture, religion, etc., the list is extremely long. So thank you Gina and Mike, for helping us along our way to appreciating each other, building the roots of healthy diversity.”

Charee Morris

, February 8 | Submitted by Mary Monaghan

Charee is always helpful to our department, faculty and students who have travel questions and need assistance. She goes above and beyond. She also greets you with a smile.

Samantha Crow

, February 8 | Submitted by Karen Sowers

Samantha is an invaluable person to have on our WOCS team – despite the limited number of hours she has to devote to our project she never fails to get an incredible amount of work done. Most recently, Sam was the glue that held our 2018 Oilseed Workshops together from creating nametags and agendas to her help with registration at one of the workshops. Most importantly, Sam’s patience with multiple requests daily leading up to the workshops made for smooth waters for everyone involved. You ROCK, Sam!