Faculty and Staff January 2018

January 2018 Kudos

Bill Bonner

, January 23 | Submitted by Andy Perleberg

Bill kept my program and clients engaged in multiple trainings occurring daily, in the middle of an email list serve migration that had little room to stall. All systems were dependent upon each others outcomes, like wild card entrees to the NFL playoffs. Somehow Bill and team made it work.

Brian Anderson

, January 19 | Submitted by Season Hoard

Brian is a very hard worker. Since starting with us this summer, he has been instrumental in helping us complete our research in a timely manner. He has shown a remarkable talent at learning new methodologies, and we would not have been able to complete our research projects without his willingness to go above and beyond in all that he does.

Brooke Saari

, January 12 | Submitted by Georgine Yorgey

Brooke, I can’t imagine CSANR without your capable, thorough, and positive work to help make so many things happen – especially (but certainly not only!) over these last few months with the unexpected absence of other key individuals. Thank you for everything that you do.