Faculty and Staff December 2017

December 2017 Kudos

Rachel Zuger

, December 15 | Submitted by Karen Sowers

Rachel was a lifesaver putting together a demonstration for our session at the Wheat Academy, and also for co-presenting with little notice. Her knowledge of the topic was a huge factor in making our session successful. Thanks Rachel!!

Mary Lou Bricker

, December 11 | Submitted by Karen Sowers

Mary Lou deserves far more than one kudos – she takes care of requests in a timely manner, digs into complicated matters until she finds a solution, and always has a friendly demeanor. Our department is blessed to have such a great individual on the team. Thanks for everything you do, Mary Lou!

Carey Roos

, December 5 | Submitted by Martha Hykel

This KUDO is for my coworker, Carey Roos, who is retiring and leaving us this month and will be directing his energies into spending time with family and other exciting special interests.
I’ve worked with and known Carey many years at WSU and he is a favorite addition to our group and valued highly as a colleague.
I admire him for his energy level and attention to detail and passion for exploring new ideas and I have personally benefited from his personal wisdom.
He’s thoughtful, reliable, and warm. He is always fun to work with whether we are testing recipes, cleaning the kitchen, or just doing our paperwork .
He was always able to put a smile on and brightened up the whole office.
So Carey, we are looking forward to celebrating your retirement, but we will need to adjust to the idea that next week, you will no longer be in the cubicle next to us.
There will be a great talent missing on our team but I know that you have many exciting days ahead, and yes, I hope, some restful ones also!
We will keep you in our thoughts and hope that your retirement is all that you deserve.
I know that you’ll stay in touch and let us hear about your journeys.
Go forward and ENJOY !
Sincerely, Your EFNEP kitchen sink coworker, Martha Hykel

Mark Swanson

, December 1 | Submitted by sophia Hutton

Mark Swanson has the most positive attitude! He is always positive, and encourages the same from everyone. Mark has never shied away from a challenge! Mark seeks every opportunity to offer his support and assistance to any one who seeks it. To summarize, Mark is an example of what being a Coug is all about!

Crissy Peterson

, December 1 | Submitted by Sophia Hutton

Crissy is such a great team mate, she is hardworking and focused on improving our operations. Her dedication, her knowledge and her customer service make a great difference here every day! Thanks Crissy!