Faculty and Staff October 2017

October 2017 Kudos

Tammy Cunningham

, October 31 | Submitted by sophia Hutton

Tammy is the model teammate in SoE. Her willingness to take on new tasks and new skills is above and beyond her call of duty. Tammy’s “can do” attitude is contagious and very welcomed by faculty, staff and students. Thank you Tammy for all you do!

Bret Dahmen and Lauren Hatley

, October 24 | Submitted by Michael Pumphrey

Bret and Lauren have gone above and beyond to ensure professional management and submission of sponsored projects for my research group. They are accommodating, committed, and understanding.

Nick Pappin

, October 12, Great Customer Service | Submitted by Richard Iles

Firstly, Nick worked to resolve the problem of running an Android environment on a Windows 10 OS (others had attempted and failed). Secondly, he ensured that 8 tablets were appropriately configured. Thirdly, he did this in a short turn around to support approaching fieldwork.

Trevor Lane

, October 12, Supportive | Submitted by Tammy Folks

Trevor is not only a knowledgeable and hard-working director and faculty member; he cares about his staff and works diligently to keep our office a pleasant environment to work in. We are blessed to have him at the helm!

Laura Coughenour

, October 11 | Submitted by Amit Dhingra

A graduate student from my lab group approached Laura for support on submitting modifications to a grant. Laura was exceptionally supportive and worked with us to get the modifications prepared and submitted. She is very accessible and always willing to find out what she doesn’t know. A true team member!