Faculty and Staff February 2017

February 2017 Kudos

Lynette Frye

, February 27 | Submitted by Martha Hykel

Lynette Frye is hanging up her EFNEP apron and packing away her skillet for the last time, as she is going to be on the Happy Retirement list as of February 28, 2017. She has been looking forward to this for awhile now, and we watched her cross out each day with a big X on her calendar. We want to thank her for all the help she always offered and gave us when it was needed and all the shopping she did for us and for making our office an exciting one over the years with her fun and friendship. It was a bunch of busy years watching our loaded carts and coolers going in and out the doors every day.
She will be missed, but we wish her much happiness and a never ending supply of new adventures for her and Dan.
Happy Trails, Enjoy the Ride !!! Martha Hykel and the whole EFNEP Pierce County Group

Lynette Frye

, February 27 | Submitted by Carey Roos

Lynette Frye is retiring from WSU on Tuesday, February 28th!!
Lynette you have been a great colleague and good friend. Always available to answer question or lend a hand. You will be missed in the EFNEP Nutrition Program. Congratulations on your Retirement and good luck in your next phase of life.

Holly Lacell

, February 23 | Submitted by Gina Ord

Thank you Holly for taking on additional teaching during a process of new hires and grant preparation. On top of that, you motivated the office staff with a Wellness Challenge. Thank you so much for your hard work during this transition time!

EFNEP Program of Pierce County

, February 22 | Submitted by Lynette Frye

Great staff and co workers for many years they keep going!  Thank you for being there and making it easier for me and my job throughout the years. I will miss you all very much.