Faculty and Staff November 2016

November 2016 Kudos

Lisa Lujan

, November 22, Great Customer Service | Submitted by Barbara Rasco

Lisa is the glue that holds the MS Ag program together. She keeps students on track and is engaged with them on achieving their career goals. Most of these students have been out of school for a while, and all are off campus, and getting them up to speed on the requirements of the degree, how to navigate the university system, and keep them focused is a task Lisa performs with aplomb. She provides alot of faculty support with programs of study and exams. Always positive, professional. Students love her and she is a great asset to the program.

Lisa Clyde

, November 22, Knowledgeable | Submitted by Danielle

Lisa is very knowledge and very patient with me while I learn my new role in HD. I appreciate everything she knows and shares with me. She has been super helpful.

Vicki Schulhauser

, November 15 | Submitted by Adena Sabins

Our office was helping host a Tech Expo in our county and a few weeks before I filled out a generic form asking for brochures about on-line program opportunities. I completely forgot to follow up until a few days before the expo- Vicki immediately came to my rescue and expedited flyers to us for our booth. She followed up with me after mailing them and we got them in plenty of time for our event! Through the whole process she was friendly and happy to help- I was so frazzled that week, her cheery attitude was greatly appreciated.

Laura McCandish Ryser

, November 12 | Submitted by Meilana Charles

Kudos to Laura and the entire Kitsap County office for making me feel welcome during my first month in the office and as a new Washington State resident. Everyone has been extremely supportive and willing to assist me during this transitional time. I’m so blessed and excited to work with such an awesome group!