Faculty and Staff June 2016

June 2016 Kudos

Dr. Tai Maaz

, June 29 | Submitted by Dr. William Pan

Kudos to Dr. Maaz, who was awarded a $148,036 grant by USDA NIFA, supporting her proposed two-year postdoctoral research fellowship, “Managing Hotspots and Hot Moments in the Aquic Lowlands of the Palouse: Minimizing Nitrogen Losses and Improving Nitrogen Use of Dryland Winter Wheat”.

Linda Loos

, June 29, Supportive | Submitted by Karen Barale

Arriving at the Spokane airport to fly back to Tacoma, I realized I left my thumb drive in a computer at the Youth and Families administrative office. I placed a frantic call to Linda to request that she send it to my office in Tacoma. Instead, Linda found the device, and brought it to the airport so I wouldn’t have to wait for it. Her dedication to supporting a faculty member was much appreciated! Thank you, Linda!

Andrew Mack

, June 24, Great Customer Service | Submitted by Nicole Martini

Andrew helped me with a poster for a conference when it came to crunch time. He helped me in the midst of juggling another project and didn’t appear to mind a bit that I needed my poster as soon as possible. He helped me with the design, too, making it that much more polished for the conference. Thanks, Andrew!

Kayla Wells

, June 24, Supportive | Submitted by Linda McLean

Kayla Wells has demonstrated her professionalism and commitment to WSU Colville Reservation Extension programming. Aside from performing her regular educational outreach duties, Kayla has proven that she is ready, wiling and very capable of stepping up and filling in for co-workers. Kayla possesses strong teaching experience and classroom management skills. These attributes have allowed her to successfully step in and teach topics that she might not be familiar with. Thank you, Kayla, for your willingness and dedication to step in, support co-workers and ensure continued outreach programming.

Darlene Miller

, June 24, Knowledgeable | Submitted by Sophia Hutton

Darlene’s work and efforts are greatly appreciated. She is so eager to share knowledge and take on challenges while providing great customer service to the WSU community. Good job Darlene, and thank you for all you do!