Faculty and Staff December 2015

December 2015 Kudos

Kelsey Leavitt

, December 22, Positivity | Submitted by Tatum Weed

Kelsey joined our team in October and just hit the ground running! In the midst of learning all that comes with her new position, Kelsey was tasked with planning the holiday party for our REC. To say she went above and beyond is an understatement! She put hours of her own time in making decorations and planning for this event, all with a smile and positive attitude. Last Thursday we all came together and celebrated the holiday season with the most beautifully decorated room and fun filled event. The hot cocoa bar, photo booth, and handmade wooden snowflakes and cotton snow were some of my personal favorite touches. Thanks for all that you do, Kelsey! You are appreciated and you truly made this a special event for all to enjoy.

Vernene Scheurer

, December 16, Great Customer Service | Submitted by Jenny Glass

Vernene once again was able to fix a computer problem that has been annoying me for months. I hadn’t been able to figure out what I had accidentally done in WORD to make the problem occur. Vernene hadn’t seen this particular issue before,┬ábut quickly researched possible solutions and was able to figure out how to reset the options so that the problem was resolved. I appreciate how she took the time even though the problem was minor. And her professionalism at not pointing out that I had created this particular annoyance was also most welcome!