Faculty and Staff November 2015

November 2015 Kudos

Gina Ord

, November 24, Positivity | Submitted by Jasmine Silva

Gina has been a great leader and very supportive to her staff! She always has a smile and always has something positive to say. She is an incredible mentor and always seeks the best interest in others! Thank You Gina!!!!!

Jasmine Silva

, November 24, Great Customer Service | Submitted by Gina Ord

Jasmine has been wonderful with making community connections and helped present re: nutrition and healthy living to childcare providers at a regional conference.

Lynette Frye, Samanda Chhai Yun, Melody Cheng, and Martha Hykel

, November 23 | Submitted by Alexandra Bush-Kaufman

Lynette Frye, Samanda Chhai Yun, Melody Cheng, and Martha Hykel have continuously supported the EFNEP program in Pierce and King Counties for many years! Each of them make excellent connections with the community, and furthers Extension’s mission of service. These educators also assist with EFNEP program data collection, often going beyond expectations to contribute to program evaluation. In Pierce County alone, they have helped to distribute and collect over 80 adult client surveys that support both EFNEP and SNAP-Ed programs. It is a privilege to work with such amazing community educators and leaders!

Linda Mathews, Meghan Leineweber, Meghan Cimeno, and Svetlana Melnichuk & Pierce SNAP-Ed

, November 23 | Submitted by Alexandra Bush-Kaufman

Linda Mathews, Meghan Leineweber, Meghan Cimeno, and Svetlana Melnichuk and other Pierce SNAP-Ed are an excellent representation of low-income adult nutrition education in Pierce County! This team is tuned in to the needs of the community and of the larger SNAP-Ed organization. Linda leads and support this team, inspiring them to go beyond expectations in service to each other and their clients. Pierce County has very dedicated partners and clients due to the SNAP-Ed team’s encouragement and attention. Linda and Pierce SNAP-Ed have collected over 20 adult client surveys to enhance SNAP-Ed evaluation of yearly programming, often arriving early and staying late to distribute and collect surveys. Thank you for your contributions!

Kendra Jernigan

, November 19, Knowledgeable | Submitted by Arron Carter

Kendra won first place in the 2015 graduate student poster competition for the C01 Crop Breeding and Genetics section at the ASA-CSSA-SSSA annual meetings in Minneapolis, MN. Her poster was titled: “Association Mapping for End-Use Quality in Pacific Northwest Soft White Winter Wheat.”

Heather MacDermott-Havey and the Wonderful Staff, Volunteers and Kids

, November 16, Positivity | Submitted by CAHNRS

Kudos to everyone at the Children’s Center for including several CAHNRS departments in your annual Halloween walk with the children. They made our day brighter with their infectious enthusiasm and joy. And their costumes were fantastic! Thank you, again, for including us in your fun.

Gina Ord

, November 10, Supportive | Submitted by Alison White

Since joining the WSU Extension Team, Gina has been a powerful force for positive change. She is a great leader; knowing how to navigate the balance between motivating her peers and others to strive to be better and creating the supports and kind encouragement needed to make it happen. Gina is honest, upbeat, a clear communicator and an incredible advocate for Extension programming. I’m so glad she’s a part of our Team.

Business Center Staff

, November 5, Supportive | Submitted by Danielle

A thank you to always standing up when I say, “Let’s introduce ourselves”.

Karey Strong

, November 5, Knowledgeable | Submitted by Danielle

I find Karey to be very knowledgeable about policies/procedures and I like visiting with her to work out details because she listens to my ideas, even if she doesn’t agree with me, she listens to me and helps me work out the process while I work my way through it.