Faculty and Staff June 2015

June 2015 Kudos

Jordan Moran

, June 26, Great Customer Service | Submitted by Russ Salvadalena

CAHNRS Communication was scrambling for items for a tribute page for Dr. Floyd and came unannounced into Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe. Unfortunately, no one from our management team was unavailable. Realizing he had to make a decision on how to help, Jordan handled the request perfectly and made sure that CAHNRS Communications got the photos and items they needed.

Ron Nugen

, June 15 | Submitted by Katherine

Ron has a tough job- fixing broken equipment yet Ron always seems nice.  I am grateful whenever Ron is here to fix whatever I break. He always calms me down and lets me know that the super expensive equipment is fixable. He is also really easy to chat to and is very approachable.

Bill Bonner

, June 12, Great Customer Service | Submitted by Laura Coughenour

Bill didn’t hesitate to work to resolve a recent issue I created for myself. He wasn’t concerned with why I made the mistake I did, just with getting it resolved right away. He saved the day for me.

Frances Bardessano

, June 8 | Submitted by Tora Brooks

Frances is the person that runs the reception desk at WSU/IAREC. Frances is the first person one sees upon entering Hamilton Hall. She fields telephone calls, helps visitors to the research station locate the people they need to see and/or helps them figure out who they need to see! One of her many tasks is helping out graduate students and staff with our many questions. She is courteous, friendly and professional. I appreciate her multitasking on behalf of everyone who works here. Thank you, Frances!

Beth Torne

, June 5 | Submitted by Katherine

Beth is always smiling and able to make sense of all my babbling. She coordinates my undergraduates and helps them get paid all without complaining how late we can be sometimes. She is always keeping up on notifications and keeping all our undergraduates in line. Beth even goes beyond the month-to-month calculations and helps me figure out my monthly undergrad schedules for the next three months at a time.

Jeffry Bowman

, June 5 | Submitted by Katherine

Jeff is always willing to help with any technical problem with a smile. He really brightens up accounting for me as a lab technician. Jeff is always willing to work with me and even on short notice he is quick to get the job done.

Mary Kittelson

, June 5 | Submitted by Katherine

Mary is always saying “please” and “thank you” for everything, even little tasks. She is always thinking about others and really brings a personal touch to work. Mary is our problem solver and I am thankful every day she is here to help me out of sticky situations.

Jeannine Burke

, June 5 | Submitted by Lynne Carpenter Boggs

Jeannine is always wonderful to work with, very positive. This spring she put in extra time and effort to help finalize a grant submission that would help veterans become farmers. There were multiple partners involved, so extra complexity in the process. Jeannine stayed at it, and politely kept us on track to get all the materials together. I’m very grateful for her dedication!

Vicki McCracken

, June 5 | Submitted by Karla Makus

Dr. McCracken works tirelessly behind the scenes to complete reports, assessments, evaluating courses, handling difficult student decisions, etc. every day. Her work day must be 20 hours long! She is also an outstanding teacher who enjoys “teaching” to all types of students. I appreciate all she does for SES.

Donna Cowsert

, June 5 | Submitted by Rob Penney

Donna is always ready to help us with a cheerful smile (even when she’s slammed with work and had to stay until 7 PM yesterday), great can-do attitude, and amazing financial and computer skills. She’ll fly through a dozen different computer screens so fast I can’t follow what she’s doing but then explain the results in a way I can understand clearly. I’ve been a project manager for 20+ years but depend on her so much periodically, such as when I’m submitting a proposal or ending a project.

Katie Vetter

, June 5 | Submitted by Cristie Crawford

Katie served as the Interim AFS/IPS Academic Coordinator while I was out on Maternity Leave. She had assistance from others in the office, but she served as the primary contact for everyone. Katie is still assisting me as I slowly return to work. She takes on every challenge with confidence and has made my return much easier. As a grad student, Katie is able to balance so many things in her life and she does it with grace. Thank you, Katie, for all of your work and support these past few months! You are amazing!! 🙂

Marlene Guse

, June 5 | Submitted by Laura Heinse

Mo is an awsome presence in the department, providing continuity and a smile. She always knows the answer when I have a question!

Darlene Miller

, June 5 | Submitted by Laura Heinse

Darlene has been a big help to me when calculating budgets or all kinds of project questions. She has also helped the departments through a major transition!

Alanna Ellis

, June 5 | Submitted by Cristie Crawford

While I was out on maternity leave these past two months, Alanna stepped up and took on several of my job responsibilities. She was able to manage all of this while still keeping up with her own day-to-day tasks. I felt at ease knowing that Alanna and others in the office were covering for me and things have gone well since I returned. Even when she has a long To-Do list, Alanna stays calm and cool with a smile on her face! She is always supportive and helps whenever needed! Thank you, Alanna, for all you do for the Academic Programs Team!

Sophie Hutton

, June 5 | Submitted by Laura Heinse

Sophia has always been so helpful when I have questions, need project help, or am seeking guidance. She is doing a great job helping our departments through a very major transition!

Sharron Cunningham

, June 4 | Submitted by Kathy Stilwell

I want to acknowledge and thank Sharron for her patient tutoring on understanding on budgets and business objects. She knows the system so well and provided the tools to help me accomplish several tasks. She’s patient and funny and I appreciate her more than she knows! THANK YOU!!!

Adam Williams

, June 4 | Submitted by Dixie Kearney

Thank you so much, Adam, for so consistently and thoughtfully giving your time and expertise to the CAHNRS Business System (CBS) Core Team in designing, testing, implementing and training for the CBS Finance Module. This project took a lot of your time and effort and is very much the better for it. Great job!